Activities and Expected Results

Activities and Results


The core components of the project are Research, Policy, Capacity Building, and Communication.




Assessing research gaps and developing priority research agenda.
Creating evidence through research to inform policy and programmes to address health transition.


Increasing policy dialogue and consultations with government and other stakeholders.
Enhancing evidence-based policy analysis.
Developing a national strategic plan on NCDs.

Capacity Building

Improving knowledge and skills of policy makers and public health implementers.
Capacity building for PEN expansion.
Capacity building of UPH for delivering high quality teaching and research.


Wider dissemination of research evidence through workshops, publications, and different communication media for awareness and policy initiatives.
High visibility of project interventions.

Expected Results

The project aims to achieve six major results through 47 activities:

Result 1: Enhanced research and evidence-based policy analysis to inform the government’s response to the health transition in Myanmar.
Result 2: Greater knowledge among 1,500 policymakers and public health implementers across Myanmar on how to address the rising burden of NCDs.
Result 3: Increased in-country policy dialogue and consultation with a wide range of Myanmar stakeholders on the rising challenge of NCDs.
Result 4: Stronger University of Public Health academic capacity to deliver high quality teaching and research, guided by clear institutional strategy.
Result 5: Effective University of Public Health operational capacity including project and financial management.
Result 6: Active professional linkages with health institutes in other countries and South-South collaboration.

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